Japanese Traditional Kintsugi Kit


Kintsugi is drawing attention in not only in Japan, but around the world

Premium Kintsugi Kit for Overseas

We recommend Premium TSUGUKIT for international shipping
because this has the most gold and silver powder than the other kits.

¥15,980 (incl. tax) + ¥5,000 international shipping fee

Product Description

Premium TSUGUKIT is for beginners. All the natural and traditional ingredients are in this kit.

However, raw urushi in this kit is a natural product and upon contact, it may cause skin irritation or rashes.

Therefore, you should always wear rubber gloves and long sleeves to cover your skin and tie your hair back while doing kintsugi.

Please discontinue use and ask a doctor if you get a skin irritation or rash.
We are not responsible for rashes caused by this product.

Please prepare the above items which are commonly at your home before TSUGUKIT reaches you.

You need to make “URUSHI BOX” which keeps 20-30℃ (68-87℉) and humidity of 70-85%. You should place your broken items in this URUSHI BOX during the kintsugi processes, with this condition, Urushi can harden.

<Premium TSUGUKIT includes> Raw urushi: 30g, wood/polishing powder: approx. 8ml, black/bengal red powder: approx. 3ml, fine-point brush, plastic spatula, bamboo spatula, pallet, dropper, waterproof sandpaper, sandpaper, genuine gold powder: 0.3g, genuine silver powder: 0.5g, 2 cotton balls, masking tape, a pair of rubber gloves (Japanese M size), kintsugi manual


“TSUGUKIT Gold” includes 0.1g gold powder, no silver powder

“TSUGUKIT  Gold/Silver” includes 0.1g gold powder & 0.2g silver powder

“Premium TSUGUKIT” includes 0.3g gold powder & 0.5g silver powder, which is perfect for purchase from overseas to save frequent orders for refills.

All the ingredients are food-safe unlike “Modern Kintsugi” with epoxy, instant adhesives, and synthetic urushi.

We only use natural ingredients such as urushi, genuin gold, genuine silver, which are food-safe.

You can experience traditional Japanese kintsugi method with the manual written in English/Japanese and English Youtube.

While Kintsugi takes time and effort, the sense of accomplishment you get upon completion is exquisitely rewarding.

TSUGUKIT Size: 23.3cm x 11.3cm x 3.0cm

Compact and a good starter of kintsugi.

TSUGUKIT is supervised by Katsuya Shibata, an artisan who has over 30 year experience with Japanese Urushi works.
Complicated procedures were simplified into 5 steps, easy to follow.

<Shipping info> We can usually ship TSUGUKIT to North America, Europe and Oceania. It would take 1 to 2 weeks. There may be a shipping restriction and delay according to the regulation and COVID-19.
Please ask us if we can ship TSUGUKIT to your country.

We have successfully shipped to: USA, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Indonesia, Korea… etc so far!

Kintsugi in our Everyday Life

Kintsugi kits for all the beginners at home by yourself!

Kintsugist “Yuki” mastered kintsugi the fastest within 8 months after the hard practice under the artisan Katsuya Shibata, who has over 30 year experience with Japanese Urushi works, learned differnt types of traditional kintsugi, and interviewed more than 13 Kintsugi artisans across Japan.
With full knowledge of kintsugi, the complicated traditional procedures were simplified into 5 steps, easy to follow.

Yuki leverages her international experience and the ability of speaking English and German to creating English kintsugi manual and YouTube tutorial videos.

Our mission is spreading “real” kintsugi all over the world and bringing joy by repairing our memorable items on our own!

Special Features of our TSUGUKIT

Authentic and traditional Kintsugi!

TSUGUKIT includes natural ingredients whch were used from ancient times such as raw urushi, genuin gold (0.3g) and silver (0.5g) powder, and the other natural ingredients such as wood/polishing powder.

【Kintsugi tips 1】

Please keep the raw urushi in a cool and dark place, such as a refrigerator, to avoid exposure to high temperature and sunlight.

Raw Urushi is a natural product, and upon skin contact, it may cause skin irritation. Please wear the rubber gloves and long sleeves to cover your skin.

If skin contact occurs, immediately wipe it off with canola or vegetable oil, wash well with soap, and rinse it off.

Modern design and compact kit

The package design is elaborated; Minimal, simple and chic.

TSUGUKIT is perfect for a gift.

Just right amount of each ingredients are included. All the necessary items are carefully considered and included in this kit.

You just need to additionally prepare what you have at home. 

【Kintsugi tips 2】

Please use the raw urushi as soon as possible. (The speed at which urushi hardens diminishes over time.)

The recommended replacement period is approx. one year.

Food-safe repairing method

TSUGUKIT is very different from so called “Modern-kintsugi” which uses chemical, synthetic addhisives/pate.

Modern-kintsugi enables you to repair your item very fast like within a day with low cost.

In contrary, traditional Kintsugi with TSUGUKIT requires minimum 2 weeks with at least 5 steps. Traditional Kintsugi takes time and effort. But it uses only natural ingredients and you can experience how ancient people repaired their items artistically.

【Kintsugi tips 3】

After kintsugi, the item should be treated with the same care as lacquerware. Please wash the repaired part gently and avoid scrubbing. Please do not place in a microwave, dishwasher, oven, or open fire.

Review from Customers

Customers' voice 1 - My expectations are surpassed -

This is the real deal, so happy with this set! No cheap acrylic paints and glue, but the traditional japanese technique with anything you need, even protective gloves are included. Everything you could need was considered. Superfast shipping to Germany and the packaging is very tasteful. My expectations are surpassed. 🙂

– Review from Germany

Customers' voice 2 - I can't wait to give it to my wife for her birthday! -

I purchased the “Beginner Kintsugi” set to restore this one of a kind yunomi which I had purchased for my wife during one of my work trips to Kobe. My wife is an artist and a potter herself, and enjoys the human connection in pottery. This particular yunomi immediately became her favorite for her daily espresso. The weight, balance, size, thinness, texture and paintings on the cup were a daily comfort. And then one day, it broke.
Without her knowledge, I carefully found the pieces from the waste bin and stored them. Then, I researched kintsugi, where to buy it and also where to learn this new art form.

The instructions in the kit were very helpful, along with YouTube instructions. The owner was also very responsive to questions.

I made a trial bowl before attempting the yunomi. I found it helpful to make an air-dry clay support to hold the pieces in place. My daughter assisted during the final stages, having an extra set of hands was very helpful. Also, keeping baby wipes nearby to clean up mistakes/fingerprints was critical.

While this was significantly more difficult than I anticipated, I’m extremely pleased with the end result. I can’t wait to give it to my wife for her birthday!

– Scott K, Indiana, USA